Did you know that Pop Up Shops are one of the best ways to market your business without actually spending tons of money in overhead costs? Pop Up Shops allow customers to experience shopping for your products, first hand.

There are many ways to plan and set-up a Pop Up Shop, but we at Tribe of Dumo followed the simplest route.

1) We started off in early 2017 by partnering with a large Marketplace, who shared the same goals and targeted the same audience as us. By doing so, we were able to travel to many states in the US while still maintaining costs under $2000 each time. Our sales and subscriptions greatly increased because our customers were able to see, feel and wear our products before purchasing. This, in turn, gave rise to great customer reviews and more sales.

2) You can venture at it alone. In late November 2017, we decided to test our knowledge and experience by hosting our very own Pop Up Shop. We must say it was a success, although it was not easy.

Would you like to know how to host your very own Pop Up Shop or maybe partner with others? Contact Us on our website and send us an email and we will share with you how we were able to start from nowhere to hosting our second Pop Up Shop in Dallas Texas.

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