If you are like us, you always want to look stunning during Christmas festivities. This year, we recommend you try our show stopping Adaku Dress. Definitely one of our best sellers because of it’s flattering silhouette. I’m pretty sure you may already have a piece in your closet and if you do not, now to the time to steal it at a  good deal…
What’s amazing about this dress is its versatility.. It can be worn as a buttoned down dress, styled with accent jewelry pieces. If you aren’t much of a jewelry gal, the dress speaks for itself and can be styled alone.
Now, for the more fashion conscious woman, she may choose to style this piece as a duster. Oh yes! We truly didn’t know how amazing it would look until you (our clients) showed us.
The Adaku dress comes in a variety of colors YELLOW,  RED, and GREEN. Check out @nnescorner in our stunning green Adaku Dress
Adaku is a Nigerian name, which means “Daughter of Wealth” :). Wealth in this context can be attribute to almost anything like LOVE, JOY, MONEY. whatever you deem to be of value to you.
This Christmas season, we ascribe the name “Adaku” to you and hope that you are filled with LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH and of course MULA!

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