ABOUT Tribe of Dumo

History & Company

Tribe of Dumo is an African-Inspired fashion clothing line which was launched in Houston, Texas, in 2015 by two sisters, who both have a deep passion for fashion and an even immense desire to alter the narrative of how women can achieve greatness if we band together in mutual support as a tribe. Our stylish Afrocentric design expressed in bold and vibrant timeless pieces are made to reveal and complement the natural beauty and true essence of the everyday woman.

The name “Tribe of Dumo”, comprises of two keywords that better depict the vision of the brand by its founders, namely “Tribe” and “Dumo”. A tribe can be described as a social division of people bound by similar values, a deep sense of tradition, vision, or companionship. The word “Dumo” which has a west African origin, specifically belonging to the Igbo natives of Nigeria, means Lion/Lioness. 

As with every pack of Lions, the Lioness plays significant key roles such: as; To hunt, protect and nurture. We believe there is a profound significance to the everyday woman and feminity in our society that some times go under acknowledged.

 At Tribe Of Dumo we believe the feminine energy is powerful, intuitive and receptive. It can be an energetic force or an intellectual force. Just as character is a great form of power , the power of beauty and elegance can be a major confidence booster. The Power of strong connections and relationships is what makes the world go around. 

We believe femininity has infinite expressions and our goal at Tribe Of Dumo is to radiate these unique qualities which we all instinctively know and feel through style and fashion. words such as – Love, growth, nurturing, radiance, openness, gracefulness, forgiveness, sacredness, birth, beauty and strength are carefully embedded in each of our stylish designs and our brand message. 

Be vibrant, be beautiful, become…

Meet The Designer’s



She is the Creative Director of our brand. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Houston. She has risen to the top and made a mark for herself while chasing her dreams to design and create. An entrepreneur at heart, she has always wanted to design and create fashion-forward pieces that stay true to the simplest form of design but are yet edgy and playful. Her passion for fashion and design is overwhelming and channeled towards pushing the envelope in the design world. Working alongside her sister, Ijeoma is able to balance her persona with her co-partner



She has always thought of herself as a designer at heart. She currently has a career as a Nurse Practitioner and caters to the health needs of her patients. She always believed she was gifted with her hands and learned how to sew at the age of 16 after graduating from high school in Nigeria. Also an entrepreneur at heart, she always believed there was more to her than her career. She believes in “birthing” ideas from the inside, never taking “No” for an answer and striving to be the best she can be. Chioma works along side her sister as co-partners paving the way in the fashion Industry for Minority women in the United States.

Both women share a passion for the arts, but also a passion for women, especially those in business. They are also co-owners of Bosses In Heels LLC a for-profit entity in Houston, Texas that centers around female empowerment, business development, education, and mentorship. They utilize this platform to showcase products belonging to other female business leaders and starters in their community.

Whenever they are not designing, they are building and elevating the minds of business owners to accept the well known adage

“The strongest factor for success is confidence. Believing you can do it. believing you deserve it. Believing you will get it.”

John Assaraf