African prints are so elegant to wear, whether you want to go casual, have a special occasion coming up such as family or friends wedding, or add color to your wardrobe.

You can create the desired look with a simple look at African clothing styles. This cute top/skirt African set was custom made by Tribe Of Dumo.  As you can see it is such a huge summer vibe. I wore it for a friends wedding and received so many compliments.


African prints are also known as Ankara and Dutch wax prints are common materal for clothing in Africa especially West Africa. African fabric designs are colorful cotton cloths with batik-inspired printing.


  1. African fabric are very diverse, stunning, elegant, and can be worn for any special occasions.
  2. You get a unique one of a kind, breathable and comfortable product with a large variety of colors which easily make a statement.
  3. You really don’t need anything else to stand out from the crowd.
  4. They are easy to put together and can help you create your unique sense of style.
  5. They  have an awesome mix of print fabrics that can act as a guide to help you decide what colors look good together. 
  6. They are bright, bold, beautiful and elegant as they suit a variety of taste and sizes.


It’s not everyday that a custom made dress appears out of nowhere so if you’re interested in african print dresses, I would recommend you go through our large catalogue of African outfits, and i can guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

When buying African fabrics you are supporting local African industries, encouraging African designers, and creating employment. Please feel free to share you first experience with African Fabrics below in the comment section. Let us know which one of our outfits do you love the most and why.

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